belle + barre

belle + barre is San Diego's premier heated barre studio. Bring the heat to your next workout and sign up now!

 the workout

Be prepared for a non-stop sweat inducing class challenge!

Our group classes are based on the traditional barre workout, with heightened intensity brought on by heat, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training. At belle + barre, clients work with long and lean muscle shapes through isometric holds and pulses, while utilizing weight training, muscle confusion, and cardio to maximize results. Even more, the workout is offered in a heated room, providing muscle warmth and a feeling of maximum exertion and accomplishment. 

belle + barre offers a stimulating and intense atmosphere supported by an invigorating and motivating soundtrack. From the moment you walk in to the last drop of sweat, our top-notch instructors are working to ensure you’re making the most of your workout and – most importantly - getting the results you came for. 

What sets us apart? The sweat. The intensity. The heat. The well rounded workout in an adrenaline inducing atmosphere. We strive to create that love/hate relationship that gets results that keep you coming back. We are more than just plies and curtsies - DO NOT expect a traditional barre class!



Our signature class is offered in a 85-95 degree controlled environment heated by infrared paneling, sure to make you sweat from the moment you enter the studio. Movement within a heated environment enhances flexibility by keeping your muscles warm and fluid, and brings added focus to your breath.

The hot environment demands a sharpening of your mental focus, concentration, and determination while taking class. Participants will notice an absence of distracting thoughts as they focus on their posture, their breath, and their movement. 






3956 First Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103